SS 2019. Colorful boxing for Pitsilkas 1936

As the old saying goes, the devil is in the detail. That is why we pay extra attention not only when we design and produce our luxury furniture pieces, but when we package them as well.


Since the beggining of our hand-made luxury furniture collection, we emphasize to the interior of our boxing trying to do our best in terms of product safety when we wrap our ideas around your longings. Now it is about time to put the finishing touches on the exterior.

But why yellow and green? Well yellow is the fastest color that the brain processes, and therefore is usually good at grabbing attention. Also tends to make people feel cheerful and optimistic just like our customers! Studies actually show that when you look at the color yellow, the brain releases serotonin (the "feel good chemical"), which could be used to make consumers feel good about what they are buying. On the other hand green is frequently used for promoting that a product has been produced in an ecological and environmentally friendly way.

Pitsilkas 1936 carpentry studio pays great attention on selecting the best materials to be used in their hand-made luxury furniture collection, charecterized by reliability and long duration. The quality of the raw materials is at the base of the production process that starts with the choice of the most prestigious wood coming from controlled reforestation areas and finishes with eco-friendly water-based coatings.

According to Yannis Pitsilkas: "excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer"...and that is what we do.