Haris Pitsilkas

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Born in December 1981, he grew up and lives in Koufalia. He graduated from the Department of International European, Economic and Political Studies, University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki. He holds a postgraduate degree in the Economics & Politics of Contemporary Eastern & Southeastern Europe. During his postgraduate courses, he received a scholarship that enabled him to continue his studies at the London School of Economics of the United Kingdom of England. He speaks English and French.

He has participated in annual international conferences. To name but a few: 1st & 2nd Thessaloniki International Symposium in World Affairs, 7th & 9th Olympia Summer Seminars, The Economist Conference held in Athens as part of a scholarship.

He has conducted scientific research under the supervision of a professor of Yale University of the United States of America concerning the local history of Koufalia during the German Occupation and the Civil War.

As part of his internship he worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and specifically in the crucial post of the Office of International Relations. After his postgraduate studies, he worked abroad in one of the largest IT companies in the world (Hewlett - Packard), being one of the three people responsible for the Greek market under the Syngenta project. After his resignation, he returned to Greece. He is currently designing and producing his personal line of furniture.