The mirror

The bevel-square mirror
The fourth piece of Pitsilkas hand-made luxury furniture collection is a mirror that comes to complete a luxury home decor. A high-end furniture piece made of luxury wood types (teak Burma & wenge) which are widely used in yachts’ interiors.

The bevel square mirror is made of solid wood and not veneered wood. More than 550 wood slats were premium cut, thus flush joints became distinctive mark characterizing this hand-made furniture piece and speaking volumes about the highest level of craftsmanship that is hidden into it.

By keeping the external dimensions of the piece of furniture constant, experimenting with a large number of unequal slats and without specific pattern to be followed during the manufacture, the goal was achieved. Each piece is different from the other bestowing on it a sense of uniqueness.

The final result is different, although the proportion of teak and wenge is the very same every time. Each mirror is unique, just like each one of us.

Mirror glass is included.

Dimensions: Height 2.10m / Width 1.05m / Depth 7.5cm